Prudence goes to the vet

Um, where is my breakfast? I am starving here! I know that bitch, Zsa Zsa, already got her’s. So where the hell is mine?!

What is that? Is that…. No! I will not get in that pansy pink bag! No! No!

Damn it. Trapped again.

photo 2

Now where is Owner going? Probably to primp in that room with my giant porcelain play pit.

Wait! I’m moving. We better not be headed to the car. You know how much I hate the car. Crap – I just crapped in the bag again. Do they put aerosol laxatives in this car or something?

Hello?! Can you hear me? I am meowing down here! Hello??

I should have know, the place where they put a plastic stick up my butt and expect me to stay still. Come over here for a second and let me show you how it is done.

And there is a dog – an ugly white furry one. I hate dogs. And it pooped on the floor! Rude!

Wait, Owner where are you going? No you can’t leave me here! I can’t stay!

No! Put that sharp thing away! Don’t stick it in my arrrmmm… so sleeeeeppppy….

Wa.. where am i? Are those bars on the cage? Whatever Zsa Zsa says, I’m innocent! I didn’t do it! Just let me go!

It has been hours, days, years. I have been counting down my last moments on this earth by scratching marks on my metal walls. I know I am not alone because I hear cries of despair all around me. But no one comes. We are alone in our torment. I will die here, of that I am certain.

A person! Save me! Oh yes take me away!

Wait, who is that? Oh, it is Owner. Yea I am not really sure I want to talk to… TAKE ME AWAY PLEASE! I will be good! I won’t scratch Zsa Zsa again! Or hiss at LuLu or Big. Please, don’t leave me again!!

Home! And what is that aroma?! Can it be?! Can I smell things?! But what happened to all the slime in my nose? It tasted so good.

Oh who cares. I can smell!

What is that? Smells like skank and whore. Oh, it is you Zsa Zsa. Don’t look at me! *wack*

Oh the smells! Owner is eating something and it smells deliscious! Must. Get. Closer.

WATER! Run for your life!

Screw you, I’m going to smell.

photo 1